first saturday lime organic pest barrier johnson's garden cedarburg

First Saturday Lime is Jessica’s favorite new product in the shop. It’s a natural, safe, effective product that has so many functions, and it’s especially useful for those that keep (and love) chickens, small livestock or horses. First Saturday Lime is safe for children, pets and organic farming, and unlike caustic Hydrated Lime, it’s is absolutely safe. Here are some applications:

Organic Pest Barrier

First Saturday Lime is a healthy alternative to pesticides. Just pour around the exterior of your home once a month for control of crawling insects.

Prevent Algae Growth

Sprinkle lightly on the surface of water to control algae growth in water bowls, troughs and bird baths. This also greatly reduces the population of mosquito larvae.

Protect Barnyard Friends from Fleas, Ticks & Mites

A light application of in animal bedding will help:

  • Keep away insects
  • Neutralize acid from urine
  • Repel pests that can carry disease
  • Kill most bug larvae (fleas, lice, mites)
  • Reduce moisture and discourage the growth of bacteria
  • Reduce odors

Chicken Dust Bath

Provide your backyard flock with a large “bathing dish” filled with a mixture of equal part First Saturday Lime, sand and loose soil. They will love fluffing this light mixture through their feathers and it will provide natural protection from fleas, ticks and mites.

Deodorize Animal Enclosures

  • Remove pets and all bedding from their housing area
  • Wash all blankets, pillows or other bedding materials
  • Sprinkle thin layer of First Saturday Lime over surface area
  • Wait an hour before letting your pet back into the area
  • Sweep up the loose lime dust
  • Put down clean bedding. Note: don’t worry about left over First Saturday Lime dust – a small remaining amount acts as an insect repellent when used in bedding.
  • Enjoy a clean, healthy space for your dogs and pets

Stop by Johnson’s Gardens and pick up First Saturday Lime, then mark your calendar for the First Saturday of each month. A monthly application will help keep your stable and animal enclosures clean, dry, deodorized and pest-free.

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