Early spring is mulch season here at the Gardens. Our phones will be ringing off the hook with mulch orders and our driver will be working long days to keep up with the delivery schedule. While mulch can be spread in the garden at any time, Spring is the ideal time as it is easiest and most efficient to spread mulch before perennials and shrubs break dormancy.

Johnson's Mulch Delivery Truck

The Benefits of Mulch

  • Regulates soil moisture and temperature.
  • Reduces weed seed germination and suppresses weed growth.
  • Adds organic matter and nutrients to the soil as it decomposes.
  • Reduces soil erosion.
  • Many gardeners like the finished look that a layer of mulch gives their garden beds.
Enviro Dyed Wood Mulch
Wheelbarrow with Mulch

Types of Mulch

Mixed Hardwood

Our mixed hardwood mulch is our most economical, all-purpose natural mulch. It is double shredded so that it binds well, which helps block weeds and prevent mulch from being washed or blown away. When freshly applied it is medium brown in color but ages quickly to a neutral gray-brown color and eventually to silver-gray.

Mixed Hardwood Mulch

Northern Cedar

Cedar bark mulch is composed of long, thin shreds, which creates an airy, light layer over soil. The natural oils in cedar make it highly aromatic and give it some natural insect repelling qualities. It also decomposes slowly, so it needs to be replenished less frequently. It is golden in color when freshly shredded and ages to a medium brown.

Cedar Mulch


Hemlock is our premium mulch and is very popular with our customers. It is fine textured, pleasantly scented and has a reddish, coppery brown color. It breaks down slowly, making it the longest lasting of our wood mulches.

Hemlock Mulch

Red or Chocolate Enviro

We carry two types of color enhanced hardwood mulch, made from recycled hardwood lumber which is shredded and colored with environmentally safe dyes. The dyes used to color enviro-mulches are harmless food grade dyes, making them safe for pets and wildlife. Our enviro-mulches will retain their color in the garden for up to three years.

Hemlock Mulch

Double Shredded Pine

Our pine mulch, like our mixed hardwood, is double shredded to increase binding. This fine ground mulch is similar in appearance to hemlock. It lays flat and retains its earth-brown color well.

Pine Bark Mulch

Cocoa Shell

Cocoa Shell mulch is a by-product of chocolate production and has the rich, delicious fragrance of chocolate. It is lightweight, binds well and is rich in nutrients as it decomposes. Its fine texture makes it a popular choice for more formal or smaller scale gardens. We carry bagged cocoa shell mulch only (not available bulk or by delivery).

Caution: we do not recommend cocoa shell mulch for households with outdoor pets as chocolate is toxic to dogs if ingested.

Cocoa Mulch

How much bark mulch do I need?

If mulching an area for the first time, use 3”-4” to block weeds and keep soil moist.

  • For top dressing use 1”-2”
  • 1 Yard covers 100 sq. feet at 3”-4” deep
  • 1 Yard covers 200 sq. feet at 1”-2” deep

Use our mulch calculator to determine how many yards you’ll need